Film Friday - 1

One of my favorite things to do is take out my Minolta and shoot a roll of film through it. Unfortunately, most of my film work goes unpublished and unscanned, sitting in a box collecting dust.

My newest goal and project is to get back to my photographic roots and shoot more film. Hopefully by doing this weekly blog entry every Friday it will help encourage me to stick with it and not to forget to look at things a little differently. 

I'm looking forward to creating more art for you all to (hopefully!) enjoy, and for me to start seeing the world a little differently than usual!

In honor of this new project I've decided to post one of my very favorite photos I've ever created. It was a mistake image, and one that I'm absolutely glad I could create. Something about it has always stood out to me.

I was adventuring around Philadelphia with my boyfriend's (now husband's) father and brother, shooting anything and everything with my Holga 135BC and grabbed a quick shot of this young panhandler playing the bongos outside of the food market. I guess I forgot to advance my film to the next exposure and ended up with this awesome double exposure.