Film Friday - 3

Whoever told you I was good at blogging was probably a liar. I love blogging, don't get me wrong, but keeping myself on a consistent schedule is always a challenge. 

This week's Film Friday post is coming at you today.... Sunday. 

When I first started shooting film I found myself slowly seeing the beauty in things that I would have never normally saw as anything more than mundane, but with a camera in my hands I see the world with a pair of glasses that have artistically colored lenses attached. 

Light comes alive before me. Reflections take on a whole new beauty. I photograph moments that I never want to end; the crazy, blink-and-they're-gone moments, and the serene, meditative ones like this photo.

My husband and I had been helping our friend move into his new house all weekend when I glanced into his brand-new kitchen with his shiny hardwood floors (that, I'll admit, I am immensely jealous of), and fell in love instantly. The way the light reflected off the shiny new wood spoke volumes to me. So I ran out to my car, grabbed my camera and snapped this image.

Shot with Kodachrome 800 with a Yashica.

Shot with Kodachrome 800 with a Yashica.

Moments like these are my favorites, and the beauty of film is that sometimes when you capture them you forget that you photographed that moment until months later when you finally get around to emptying your drawer of film canisters and realize that you forgot to have one developed.