adventures in new jersey - a quick jaunt around pakim pond

Not sure if you've quite caught on yet, but I love adventures. No matter the size. Whether it be climbing mountains, or taking a stroll around a pond, I'm there. Ashley, Easter and I were supposed to wake up before dawn to watch the sun rise at Apple Pie Hill (click here to view the sunset blog post from there), but with a combination of clouds and me being... well, me, that didn't happen this day. 

We still wanted to go on an adventure of some sort before I went to work, so we stopped at Wawa for some snacks, and headed out to Pakim Pond to enjoy a bit of the spring-like feel that was permeating the air. I'm never very far from my camera when I go out, so here are a few images from the way-too-short hike!

All photos of me from this hike were taken by Ashley.