adventures around the world - niagara falls, ontario

This summer has been filled with lots of traveling, and there's tons more trips to come before the year is up, but this trip to Niagara Falls (the Ontario side, not the US side) really takes the cake for most breath-taking adventure I've been on thus far.

My father, stepmom, brother and I all got in the car Wednesday morning and made the 8 hour drive to Canada for a fun-filled three days in an amazing hotel room (the first image in this post was taken from our hotel room balcony!). We went on a Journey Behind the Falls, a cruise to the bottom of the falls, a-la Bruce Almighty, went through the Nightmares Fear Factory haunted house, met some celebrity look-alikes in the wax museum, minigolfed with dinosaurs, walked through an upside-down house, and generally spent a lot of money on food! 

The falls themselves were absolutely breathtaking, especially at night when they're light up! If you ever get the chance to go, please take it! These are all my favorite images from the trip, including cellphone and camera images.