Spring Flowers - Krystal

Driving home from North Jersey one day in early spring a few weeks back when the dogwoods and redbud trees were still in full bloom I decided to take the back roads home and came across five of the most perfectly bloomed, gorgeous redwoods that I've ever seen on the corner of an intersection. I sent a text out to a few of my gorgeous friends asking them to come take photos in about 20 minutes before the sun went down and Krystal replied saying that she was free. 

I went home, dropped my brother off, grabbed my camera and picked Krystal up for our photo adventure. First, let me just say that Krystal is already freaking stunning (seriously! Look at her!), but she also by a great stroke of luck, just HAPPENED to wear exactly the most perfect outfit for the trees. We snapped some images by the intersection of her practicing ballet in the most graceful of moves, and then I remembered the flowering willow trees that I had passed earlier on the Fort Dix golf course. 

We jumped in the car, drove the 4 minutes over there, and walked across the lush greens (I'm sure there's probably some sort of rule against doing exactly that - sorry Fort Dix employees!), and here's what we got from the night!