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my first big moment - snapwire

If you follow me at all on Facebook, then you're definitely heard the good news, if not here it is:

I joined a website called Snapwire a couple of months ago. The idea of it was simple: buyers submit photo challenge categories for photographers, photographers submit their images and compete against one another, maybe making a little money along the way! It sounded a little gimmicky to me at first, but I decided to try it out. Besides, what's the worst that could happen? No one buys my images. Like that'd be a big surprise.

My first "big" Snapwire moment came when I submitted this image of Megan, a model I had shot during the winter in 2013.

Model:  Megan Kendal

I submitted this image to a category labelled "People With Tattoos". There were some pretty good shots that had already been submitted, but I felt pretty confidant about this image. Megan's session has always been one of my favorites I've ever shot, and has even been featured on Evoking You for a while. 

My confidence in this submission sailed when I was nominated by the company as one of the leading images in the campaign and then today I got this email:

I am seriously so elated that I needed to share this amazing website with everyone! One of my biggest goals for 2014 is to start submitting my images to more websites, and get my stuff blogged by some of the big-name websites. I'm one step closer to reaching that goal!

Snapwire is a solely invitation based website. If you're a photographer interested in joining I currently have 3 invitations available to you. Email me today!