Film Friday - 4

I've been slacking on my Film Friday posts lately. Mostly because I've been too lazy to insert my discs of scanned negatives and upload them to my computer. But I finally binge-downloaded images, and am currently falling in love with a lot of them all over again. 

Shooting film is a whole new ballpark in the photography world. You never know what you've captured until the roll of film is finished. Even then it can take me weeks, or even months, to get the rolls developed. Every roll of film that I get back from the lab is like the greatest Christmas gift you've ever been given. 

Each image is a memory that you might have forgotten you captured. A happy accident.

This photograph is definitely one of those. It's been four months since I've seen my husband directly in front of me without a computer screen aiding me. Four months since we've gotten to go out on a coffee date to Radina's or Bluestem in Manhattan. And it's going to be two months, still until we can do that before he's whisked away to Korea.

But at least I have these small momentos to remind me why this is worth waiting for.