adventures in new jersey - apple pie hill

I am definitely not a morning person. You can ask anyone who's ever slept anywhere near me. I have to set at least 3 alarms every morning to wake up, and given the chance, I could sleep until well after noon every day for the rest of my life. So it shouldn't be surprising that my first few attempts to get out to Apple Pie Hill, the highest point above sea level in the Pine Barrens (with a view so clear you can see Philadelphia and Atlantic City from the tower) to watch the sun rise from atop the abandoned fire tower failed miserably.

I haven't quite given up the dream that I will watch the sun rise from that height, but for now, I decided to try for a much more manageable sunset. So after a day of organizing my room, my friends Luna and Easter joined me on a quick jaunt to conquer irrational fears and see some gorgeous sights.

Sadly, there were no apple, pie, or a combination of the two at the top of the tower. 

Okay, now that I got that terrible joke out of the way, enjoy some images!